Big Bethel Congregation and outreach efforts through the Bethel Saturday School Academy, an outreach ministry to and for at-risk, under-served and/or under-performing children and youth, are reaching out to community partners, businesses and organizations to contribute to beautifying and revitalizing the Bethel Amphitheater located on Auburn Avenue in downtown Atlanta.  We are seeking donations of shrubbery, flowers, planters, patio tables/chairs/umbrellas, encouraging banners, and of course your prayer support.  This effort serves as one of the many “teaching tools/opportunities” as we strive to get children and youth involved in how some things comes to be, such as food and the beautiful flowers that they see in so many places….the planting of the seed, the watering  and the increase.  They receive hands on experiences which has been so rewarding to both the students and the volunteers. Just another creative way to spread the love of God and bring smiles to faces of those who may have lost reasons to smile.  Contact Rev. Bessie Donaldson  at (404) 579-9407 or

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Associate Minister of Big Bethel AME Church and coordinates a weekly Saturday School for at-risk, underperforming and/underserved children and youth from 6-16 offering support services, tutoring and mentoring in an effort to enhance and develop the gifts of each child individualy. The School was birthed as a community effort to reach out to children and youth who otherwise may become a part of the "left behind" group.

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